Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle 

Interest in Everyday Lives is all about thoughts that I learn and have a knowledge to the people who will open my blog. The thing about positive reinforcement and motivation is that often times it wears off. We’re all prone to rejection, setbacks, negative funks, heartbreak and misfortune beyond our control. Those things can seem like sicknesses, and sometimes the right combination of words serves as medicine. Hopefully this isn’t an excruciatingly painful tablespoon of “fruit” flavored cough syrup, and more like not-so-bad instant relief and a cure for the common rut but make it last. I hope this lands on your bulletin board, in your bookmarks, or somewhere for you to refer to on dull days and difficult times.

Dreams are great.  Dreams are amazing.  I love dreams, I love day dreams, and I love visualizing, which to me is kind of a combination of dreams and day dreams.  Those things are great, but how do we make them come true?  How do we get to have all our dreams. Goals are great…in fact, goals are awesome.  I set goals all the time.  And by all the time, I mean ALL the time.  I kind of lack on the follow through, or the dedication needed to get them to fruition.  But that’s where your success comes from.  It’s not from the setting of the goals, it’s in the dedication it takes to see them through.

I am a person who is kind,lovable,understanding,caring to the person who know me better. But I am open to the people who are friendly to me. Now I am trying myself to experience in photography, try to take pictures that I am interest right now.

So, I hope that you’ll have interest in my own perspective way.

√ Just enjoy reading my blog ♥♥♥♥