Sagpulon Falls

If you’re into chasing waterfalls as the song goes, the Philippines is a perfect place for your wandering heart. There is always a new one yet to be explored especially in the island of Mindanao.


Just 31 kilometres east of Cagayan de Oro City is Barangay San Isidro, Jasaan which houses a virgin forest, virtually untouched by man. Carefully nestled in this forest is the magnificent Sagpulon Falls. This falls has roughly a 100 feet waterfall drop, which translates to water powerfully cascading down, creating an icy cold basin below for travellers to enjoy. Unlike other tourist destinations in CDO however, this scenic spot only gets a handful of tourists as it is not as well advertised as the water-rafting activities that CDO is very famous for. The Sagpulon Falls is similar to Camiguin’s Katibawasan Falls but it’s a bit wider and has plenty of rivulets in its green walls.

As this is relatively a newly discovered waterfall, no story or folklore surrounds the Sagpulon Falls. Travellers will have to be satisfied just by gazing at its towering beauty and refreshing waters.  The water is deep enough to be a natural swimming pool for visitors, but given the height of the drop, visitors cannot easily reach the topmost part of the falls. The best thing about a visit in Sagpulon Falls is that it is not as crowded as the other waterfalls in the country. 

Although it is easily a 45-minute to an hour ride away from the city proper, the trip involves moderate trekking going inside. It used to be quite a challenge to reach Jasaan’s treasure especially the trekking part. After it was ravaged by the typhoon Pablo, the hanging bridge 50 meters away from the falls which connects it to the road, was destroyed making it very difficult to get to the falls. Travellers need to cross huge boulders and climb through rocks. Fortunately, the municipality has improved and is continuously improving the area and it is way easier now to reach the falls. The roads are paved and visitors will no longer have to go through the boulders.

My friends which is “Team Whyfai” visit here to stay cool and fresh to witness the falls in Jasaan. We enjoy our outing day together with them. So nice. It was a very relaxing and unforgettable experience seeing one of the great creations of God. The Department of Tourism of Jasaan temporarily closed the site for renovation and additional beautification of the falls. They are constructing gazebos and some pathways going to the falls. They allow guests to swim only in the side portion of the falls. It is not also safe to swim particularly to where the water exactly falls. No lifeguard and life vest provided. You need to take habal-habal from Spring View Resort near the national highway. It is 7 kilometers away from the high way. It is also passable by car.

√ Visit Sagpulon Falls, Pride of Jasaan.


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