Kogi-Q offers a unique dining concept by allowing guests to cook their own food at their table. If you enjoy cooking your own food, then you should try Kogi-Q.

          A new restaurant is recently creating a loud buzz online and eventually got our attention. According to the advertisements this restaurant offers Korean-inspired dining with a twist. They have joined team Unlimited. Imagine eating unlimited samgyeopsal (pork belly), squid rings, chicken wings, marinated boneless chicken, Chilean mussels, pork BBQ, chorizo, rice and bottomless iced tea. Not a bad deal at all! 

Notes for first timers:

  • It is not advised that you wear too much perfume going there because it will be worn-off by the fumes surrounding the place. However, bring one to rid the smell of fresh cooking when leaving.
  • Bring tissue or wet wipes. It would be very helpful. You’ll see.
  • Don’t stay too close to the fan, it will ruin your hair, it will fire up the stove so strong and smoke will be all over your face. Trust me, I know!
  • Cooking will take some time so, if you are already famished before getting there, expect to wait a while before you could eat.
  • Choose a thinly cut meat, cooking is just faster that way.


So, it’s my second time around to visit and have a dinner with my boyfriend in KOGI-Q. It’s a worth it to have a meal there because I’m so satisfied with their food. And your tummy will surely full because of their different meals. I am not a seafood lover but my boyfriend loves to eat shrimp. But in terms of food I am not choosy I love to eat pizza,fries,burger and calamaris.

In KOGI-Q you’ll not lose you in budget because it’s only Php 370.00 per person and eat all you canThe bonus part is, with just P370.00 you can cook and eat all you can from the different meats/viands to choose from. Marinated pork belly, bacon, marinated squid, atay sa manok and batikulun (chicken liver and gizzard), soy and garlic chicken, tahong (shell) etc. are some of them, shrimps and beef are also available with P100.00 additional charge.

Kogi-Q LutoLuto Ta is located on the second level of Limketkai Mall East Annex Building just across Shopwise beside Choobi-Choobi.  

√So, try KOGI-Q now!


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