Sagpulon Falls

If you’re into chasing waterfalls as the song goes, the Philippines is a perfect place for your wandering heart. There is always a new one yet to be explored especially in the island of Mindanao.


Just 31 kilometres east of Cagayan de Oro City is Barangay San Isidro, Jasaan which houses a virgin forest, virtually untouched by man. Carefully nestled in this forest is the magnificent Sagpulon Falls. This falls has roughly a 100 feet waterfall drop, which translates to water powerfully cascading down, creating an icy cold basin below for travellers to enjoy. Unlike other tourist destinations in CDO however, this scenic spot only gets a handful of tourists as it is not as well advertised as the water-rafting activities that CDO is very famous for. The Sagpulon Falls is similar to Camiguin’s Katibawasan Falls but it’s a bit wider and has plenty of rivulets in its green walls.

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Ten(10) Facts about DOGS

Do you think you know everything about our canine companions? Think again! Check out these 10 surprising facts about dogs.

  1. Your dog is as smart as a 2-year-old toddler.
    There’s a reason your tot and your pup get along so well: they speak the same language. Or at least, they likely understand roughly the same number of words and gestures — 250!
  2. Dogs and cats both slurp water the same way.
    This may be hard to believe since dogs are such messy drinkers, but just like cats, our canine friends bend the tip of their tongue and raise liquid in a column up to their mouths.
  3. Your dog does have a sense of time — and misses you when you’re gone.
    If you think your dog knows when it’s time for dinner or a walk, you’re right! Dogs pick up on our routines and habits, and they also sense how much time has passed. One study showed how dogs responded differently to their owners being gone for different lengths of time.
  4. Your dog’s whiskers help him “see” in the dark.
    Okay, it’s not quite night-vision or a super power, but those whiskers pick up on even subtle changes in air currents, providing your pup with information about the size, shape, and speed of things nearby. This allows your dog to better sense approaching dangers or prey — even at night.
  5. Dogs only have sweat glands in their paws.
    More specifically, they are found between their paw pads. That’s why it can help to wet the bottom of their feet on a hot day, and it’s also why dogs rely on panting as a means of cooling down.

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There’s a new café in town – Amor Bakery has opened its first branch in Cagayan de Oro City and the first outside Luzon.

Aptly bringing the tag line “s Bread Your Love”, the new bakeshop café opened at the 2nd Level, East Annex Building of Limketkai Mall right across Shopwise. It offers fresh bread, pastries and a wide selection of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, milk teas and smoothies.

Amor Bakeshop and Café is a different experience for Cagayanons as it brings a trend from Manila wherein customers can choose any bread, pastry, or cake slice they like on display and go “dine-in” inside the café. They can also order form the various milk tea, fruit tea, fresh tea, frapmor (similar to a frappe but more on the smoothie side), hot coffee, iced coffee, and smoothie.

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  Kogi-Q offers a unique dining concept by allowing guests to cook their own food at their table. If you enjoy cooking your own food, then you should try Kogi-Q.

          A new restaurant is recently creating a loud buzz online and eventually got our attention. According to the advertisements this restaurant offers Korean-inspired dining with a twist. They have joined team Unlimited. Imagine eating unlimited samgyeopsal (pork belly), squid rings, chicken wings, marinated boneless chicken, Chilean mussels, pork BBQ, chorizo, rice and bottomless iced tea. Not a bad deal at all! 

Notes for first timers:

  • It is not advised that you wear too much perfume going there because it will be worn-off by the fumes surrounding the place. However, bring one to rid the smell of fresh cooking when leaving.
  • Bring tissue or wet wipes. It would be very helpful. You’ll see.
  • Don’t stay too close to the fan, it will ruin your hair, it will fire up the stove so strong and smoke will be all over your face. Trust me, I know!
  • Cooking will take some time so, if you are already famished before getting there, expect to wait a while before you could eat.
  • Choose a thinly cut meat, cooking is just faster that way.


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River Adventure

“The sky, a perfect empty canvas, offers clouds nonetheless.  They shift and drift and beg interpretation… such is the nature of art.”
~Jeb Dickerson~


The Cabulig River of Jasaan. This beautiful place is a suburb of Cagayan de Oro City in northern MIndanao. Basically a beauty waiting to be discovered. It is very well known for its abundance of spring water and its hospitable residents.

It’s free to go here in a place, and just bring food and have a place that can comfortably stay. When you go in the other side of the river you’ll ride first a “balsa” with the children will guide to go there.

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